Who am I?

I’m always been struggling to define myself. So i’m gonna tell you a little bit about me, so you can know me better.

Hi! My name is Mauricio D’Rugama born and raised in one of the most chaotic cities in the world, Mexico City.

One thing i love the most is taking pictures on film. Yes, FILM! Do you remember those rolls? Well, i’m still doing that.


These two photos above were taken with the main film camera I used to use the most. A Canon AE-1
A passion that I really enjoy when I am traveling or even in my daily day
Want to see those photos?

Yes, take me there!

Besides photography that it’s my true passion in life, I really enjoy music, consider myself as a melomaniac. Always singing a tune, even if there’s no lyrics on it, at least doing some air drum even if I don’t know how to play them and some head bang as well.

Big fan of beer, a cold one… obviously!

Always with a camera in hand, since I was 18 (34 years old by now if you wonder) when my mother gave me a Sony Cybershot. Found it really pleasant since I grabbed it.
Lots of cameras have passed through my hands from analog to digital. And still take them out for some shots. Yep, every single one.

As a wedding photographer I really enjoy the moments that are passing by my eyes in the most important day of yours.
Seeing lots of people having a blast for the love ones, laughing, crying, drinking, giving their blesses and best wishes in speeches or notes, and all of that, for the big experience that is coming to your lives.

I would be honored to take those moments from your BIGGEST day in life to transcend.

Thanks in advanced

Mauricio D’Rugama