This mentorships are for photographers who has the basic knowledge in photography but wanted to take the next step in its work. (Digital or film)

I will guide and teach you from beginning to end of every aspect. There's no rush!

It's gonna take time and practice. Lots of practice. It's in you. You have the power to be happy with your results and deliver the best to your clients.

This mentorships are via Zoom only. In order to give you the best of me, day and time needs to be scheduled. Each every ONE ON ONE is separate one from the other they can't be taken at the same time. But both can be taken in separate days. Can be given in English or Spanish.


- Lightroom - From Zero
- Lightroom - Selections & Manage your files the best way
- Lightroom - The importance of collections
- Lightroom - Costume your exports for your blog posts/instagram/facebook - S A V E - T I M E - & - M O N E Y
- RAW files - Learn to get the best from it
- RAW's from zero - Retouching
N O - P R E S E T S
- Flash - Your best friend!
- Flash - On Camera / Off Camera
- Flash - Speedlite/Strobe
- Flash - How to handle it the easy way
- Flash - Which are the best modifiers and why - P R O D U C T
- Flash - Best way to measure it with out lightmeter
- Flash - Light setups with one light (ideal for portraiture)
- Flash - Light your scene with one light and window light and get amazing results
- Flash - Light Feathered
- Flash - Light as a natural look
- Learn to see the light in a different way - N A T U R A L - L I G H T


- Different film stocks - Which one is the best for every single situation/light scene/style shoot/skin tones/landscape
- Which film camera is the best?
- 35mm
- Medium Format - 120
- Medium format - Different Ratios
- Portra 400
- Fuji Pro 400h
- Learn the limits of Portra 400 & Fuji Pro 400h
- Over & Underexposed for different looks
- Different ways to meter the light
- Ansel Adams Method
- Learn to meter the natural light with out a light meter
- Scan and process them
- Different types of scanners which one is the best
- Scan yourself with your DSLR/Mirrorles camera
- Editing your films