Mexico Wedding Photographer Mexico- Mauricio D'Rugama


Before I studied Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana Campus, Ciudad de México. I took photography classes for six months in 2006 with analog process, developing & printing in the darkroom. I remember the first time I develop my first roll and print a contact sheet where I decided which one I would print bigger. It was a tough decision to make.

In first place I had an image of the facade of Bellas Artes in Ciudad de México, I was hooked by the texture and grain that came up from the film. And the gradient came in to live by the light and shadows.

And In the other hand I had a shot from my parents in our living room, chilling and relaxing, looking at the camera. Nothing fancy. But.. more meaningful to me than Bellas Artes.

So, I went down for the shot of my parents.

Lots of exposure test strips later, this came up:

A photo I had in my living room, framed. which one means a ton. The most valuable photo I had ever taken and print as a fine art wedding photographer.

It was till get in at Ibero where my passion for art, design and architecture evolves more than ever. I was always involved in arts & crafts classes where I can explore and develop my sensitive way of seeing things.

Charcoal Illustration, oil paint, screen-printing, woodcarving and furniture design. Those in a physical and touch way, but in the digital world I explore a lot with branding and web design, motion graphics, 3D Model characters from my illustrations even audio design classes. I was a little sponge! Trying to learn everything.

Then when I started photography was as a documentary way to remember each day of my life. Then I realize every time I see a photo I took, instantly remembered what I was talking or with whom I was. Or even the books I was reading around those days. The CD's I used to play on my Sony Walkman.

That's my main goal as a Mexico Wedding Photographer - during destination weddings. Just bring it back to you how you felt, what emotions you experienced, the way you guys love each other and how amazing you look all dressed up.

Just as the way I do every time I see the print from my parents. Because that keeps me alive.

So you never forget what love looks like.